Role of nursing in COVID-19 management

Role of nursing in COVID-19 management

The WHO has confirmed in May last year that 2020 would be dedicated to nurses and midwives

The public views of nursing and nurses are typically based on personal experiences with nurses, which can lead to a narrow view of a nurse often based only on a brief personal experience. This experience may not provide an accurate picture of all that nurses can and do provide in the healthcare delivery process. There is always less representation and recognition of the other complex professional aspects of nursing. Whereas contrary to that image, nursing professionals actually have a dynamic role in all aspects of healthcare delivery system.

Nurses play a pivotal part in in achieving the healthcare goals by being the most important link in the process of  health care delivery. Their work ranges from providing not only highly specific technical care, but also coordinating the work of other health care professionals to meet patient care goals

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May last year that 2020 would be dedicated to nurses and midwives. It chose the theme to coincide with the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale on 12th of May. Unfortunately this year the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection happened across the world which took the lives of many people globally. The nursing response to the coronavirus (COVID -19) crisis has gone way beyond the core purpose of 2020 as the International Year of the Nurses and Midwives. The work put in by nurses in the COVID 19 crisis is a powerful & practical demonstration of the potential that nurses possess, to address big health care challenges, which the theme of nurses day this year aims to achieve.

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